Success Stories

Veda Institute provides a pleasant ambience with an unforgettable experience. With a diploma degree in Cosmetology, I started my own salon. I kept up with the latest styles, fashions and products by attending the course. I really enjoy being a cosmetologist and seeing my clients peering into the mirror with happiness. My experience as a Salon Owner has been splendid ever since I started my journey.  I could not have accomplished without Veda’s help!

– Anjana Rana | Diploma in Cosmetology

Veda Institute was truly the best pick of institutes I chose from and I’m so proud to have graduated from there! I never imagined I would develop not only my artistic ability but also my people skills in the way I had in such a short period of time with this institute. Now I own a Salon &  Beauty Institute, “Style Makeover” myself in my home town, Chitwan. Style Makeover has always been my passion and I love sharing my knowledge and inspiring others to pursue their dream. My goal is to provide excellent customer service with respect & courtesy to my guests – connecting with both my clients and students alike.

– Sanjay Acharya | Diploma in Makeup

Success Stories
Success Stories

I started my career immediately after completing the Beauty Program at Veda Institute. The faculties here make sure you learn what you need to learn, so you are ready for the cosmetology world out there.  Apart from beauty I also learned about personality development & communication skills. All my skills put together led me to own a franchise of International Salon, Neel David’s in Kathmandu. This is my greatest achievement and I fall in love with my work every day. I not only feel accomplished but also encouraged to grow even more. I am more confident than ever. This institute has been a key player in my achievements.

– Benu Rai Lama | Makeup & Hair Courses

Veda Institute gave me the skills I needed to be confident working as a makeup artist, and that’s what you can expect from any school, but what makes this place stand out is the fact that they really prepare you in every aspect for your career and life as an MUA. Currently, I am working with a salon in Chitwan, Style Makeover, as Senior Makeup Artist drawing a monthly six digit income. I am glad that I graduated from this institute as now I can serve my clients in the most professional way and can survive ever-growing competition in the market.

– Monica Shrestha | Diploma in Cosmetology

Success Stories
Success Stories

I started my journey with Veda Institute in 2018 with a dream and passion for the beauty industry. Graduating to become a cosmetologist has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I feel so excited about all the new opportunity and open doors that this institute has helped to show me. Today I am a Salon Owner in the city and am overwhelmed to see the trust my clients show into me with their makeovers. Every morning I am excited to get out of home and do what I love the most.

– Bimala Thapa | Masters in Cosmetology

I was a student at Veda Institute, and I can honestly say it’s a great beauty school. I completed the Level-3 Advanced Diploma in Hair Dressing, a 6-month course from here. The curriculum was helpful, it taught us every process step by step so it was very easy to master. I started as an amateur, then I did not even know how to comb a girl’s hair and graduated this school as a Professional Hair Dresser. My dream did come true and after the completion of the course, I got a job in a city’s renowned salon, Neel David’s, as a Hair Stylist by the recommendation of  Veda Institute with a decent salary figure. This job is a great opportunity offered to me. I am very confident about my future in this field and am very happy to help my client reach their full beauty potential.

– Prakash Chandra Joshi | Adv. Diploma in Hair Dressing

Success Stories

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